Who We Are

Hpyo is owned by Geeky Tech Zone is a website that sells security devices that we bought from vendor & wholesalers.

Our online store now sells the latest technology in Video Surveillance, Surveillance Cameras, Workplace Safety Supplies, Door Intercom, Smart Card System, Transmission & Cables, Security Software, Ntsec, Microsoft Office. Because most households, schools, and workplaces were opting for security devices, the necessity of documentation, worksheets, and projects and wanted to enable people all around the world acquire a security device. The demand for CCTV cameras was fast expanding, as was the need for security.

The goal was to make it possible for anyone to acquire a security device at a low cost and without financial strain.

Our Products Are Simple To Use

The ease-of-use of all software products is an important criterion in their design. We believe that our success in achieving this is a significant factor in our software's position as the industry leader.

No Communication Issues

Our customers and partners appreciate simple communication. The reaction time is extremely short. Our work will impress you with its speed and quality. Furthermore, we attempt to "predict" and satisfy your desires.

Company that values its customers

We always fully understand your requirements and strive to meet them in the best way possible. Many companies make this claim, but Wintel Secure can back it up with 250+ customers in the United States alone.


Our employees are chosen from among the most qualified individuals available. We understand technology and software development. We employ the best practises in global software development technology. The quality is consistent and dependable.

We pay attention to the community

We understand that the products, pricing, and services we provide to public and private companies, organisations, and individuals must meet a variety of needs. We are pleased to provide solutions ranging from large corporate to individual sectors.

We intend to stay for the long haul.

Our products and services are designed to meet your organization's current and future needs.